The container deposit scheme in New South Wales, Australia, is a program that incentivizes individuals to properly dispose of their beverage containers by offering a refundable deposit on eligible containers. The scheme, which is also known as the “cash for containers” program, was first introduced in December 2017 and is operated by Return and Earn, a government-approved scheme administrator.

The program applies to a wide range of beverage containers, including those made from glass, aluminum, plastic, and bi-metal. Eligible containers must be less than 3 litres in volume, and have the Return and Earn logo and a barcode that can be scanned at a participating collection point. Some examples of eligible beverages include soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and flavoured water.

Individuals can return their eligible containers to one of the over 600 Return and Earn collection points located throughout New South Wales, where they will receive a 10-cent refund for each container. The refund can be paid out in cash, or can be credited to an online account that can be used to make donations to charitable organizations.

The container deposit scheme in New South Wales has been successful in reducing litter and increasing recycling rates. The scheme is able to recover over 160 million of beverage container from the environment and communities per year. The scheme also creates jobs and business opportunities for local communities, as well as for those who collect and process the returned containers.

The scheme also encourages individuals to think more about the environmental impact of their consumption habits, and to make a conscious effort to properly dispose of their beverage containers. It is a positive step in creating a more sustainable future for New South Wales, and serves as a model for other states and countries to consider implementing similar programs.

It is worth noting that The New South Wales Government has announced plans to increase the refund value of eligible containers in 2022, to help with reducing the littering rate and to improve the recycling rate.

In summary, The Container deposit scheme in New South Wales is an effective program to reduce litter and increase recycling rate, It also helps create jobs and business opportunities, create awareness about the environmental impact of consumption and serve as a model for other states and countries to adopt.