5 reasons why buying recycled makes you the ultimate recycler


Buying recycled is important step in completing the life cycle of a recycled item. If you’re not buying recycled – are you really recycling?

Buying recycled means you are “closing the loop” of the recycling process. As a consumer you’ve prevented these materials ending up in landfill. If half of the households in Australia purchased a product containing 10g of recycled plastic, 43 million tonnes of plastic would be diverted from landfill.

1. Protects the environment

Reducing the use of virgin products reduces the amount of resources used to extract that product.

    • The electricity and water for example is saved if using a post-consumer plastic.
    • Less demand for oil and metal extraction, reducing the need for mining and risks associated with it

Post consumer plastics won’t end up in landfill if they are bought as a recycled product!

2. Creates a sustainable recycling industry

Buying recycled products creates a demand for recycled materials and increases their value. Recycling companies, like any other business need to make a profit. The more profitable they are, the more likely they are to invest in their business. This stimulates the economy because the business is able to purchase more assets like equipment. The higher the demand of these products means the demand for jobs increases and products range is able to expand and more plastic is being recycled!

3. Increases the demand for recycled materials

When consumers purchase recycled products, recycled materials hold a higher value. Recycling companies have an incentive to purchase recycled materials over virgin materials because they can make a profit by creating products from recycled materials. When recycled materials have monetary value the recycling companies make a profit – the manufacturer of recycled products makes a profit and the consumer has a product that has minimised environmental impact

Currently it is cheaper for all businesses to put their waste into landfill – even with the waste levy – this is because currently recyclables hold little to no value.

4. Supports environmentally responsible companies

Businesses in this space work very hard to minimise their impact on the environment. Many environmentally friendly friendly businesses have big hearts! They volunteer, host Clean Up Australia events, plant trees and offset their carbon emissions. When buying recycled, you are supporting these values.

Businesses in this space are also loud. They ensure that their voice and mission is heard. This brings awareness to this subject for others who may not be as aware.

Other business will often follow suit If they see that their customer market demands a “greener” option.

5. Supports the circular economy

The circular economy keeps materials in a “loop” – they can be used over and over again. Currently, our system is take and waste, we buy things, use them and then throw them away. The circular economy eliminates waste, pollution and reduces energy expenditure and reduces environmental impact overall. When you purchase a recycled product, you are creating a shift towards the circular economy!