About Us

Our family began collecting litter from our community during our evening walks. Our 4 year old son said “we have to pick up the rubbish so it doesn’t make the turtles sick”.

We quickly noticed that the majority of the litter The bin Chicken collected could be recycled, which brought about us creating The Bin Chicken recycling program. As the local recycling program took off and expanded, we began questioning, where does the recycled plastic go and what does it get made into?

As recyclers we wanted to continue the journey of recycling. We decided to seek out the best recycled plastic products and make them accessible and easy to find. By The Bin Chicken closing the recycling loop we are reusing plastic and not allowing it to go to a landfill. We are helping people be the best recyclers they can be.

Mission Statement

We divert waste from landfill to leave the environment a better place for our kids and generations to come. In 2018 Australia consumed 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste and recycled less than 10% of it. Currently buying quality recycled products is challenging and recycling in Australia is a rapidly growing space.

We want to be the flora and fauna of Australian recycled products. Continue to maintain responsible relationships with government, public & private organisations & individual customers.Through the use of easily accessible genuine environmentally sustainable products and trustworthy customer relations we will change the way Australia views the use of plastic.

We have refined programs, products & developed relationships with businesses and community organisations as well as established events & a community recycling hub. We are growing our range through the addition of 100% recycled plastic products and 100% plant based compostable single use bags.We will proliferate and promote recycling programs and companies throughout Australia.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to divert waste from landfills, increase the use of 100% recycled or plant based products. We will change how people in Australia use, consume, and recycle waste.